Бъди Егоист! Погрижи се за себе си! Бъди Егоист! Погрижи се за себе си! Бъди Егоист! Погрижи се за себе си!


AROMA HERBAL  is a Slovenian natural cosmetic with established professional partner on the market of spa and wellness products and services. The advantage of the brand is in the high standarts at all levels of operation - from selection of raw materials, the manifacturing process to high quality of the final product. Customers receive the best quality of natural ingreiants with AROMA HERBAL's cosmetics.

AROMA HERBAL's laboratories are using natural origin materials which are selected based on their high purity and the production precess is consistent to preserve maximum quality and properties of natural products. And all this mixed with a lot of Passion! "Passion for the Authentic" is their moto and it's combine all of this.

(((( AROMA HERBAL ))))'s activity is complex of four main directions:

  • Producing high quality body cosmetic - massage oils, body butter, masks, lotions, gels, products for souna, bath product and etc. 
  • Presentation and distribution of high quality aromatherapy profecional and home care cosmetic Eve Taylor, London.
  • Professional training in Spa & Wellness - massages, aromatherapy, Lava Shell massage, Lomi Lomi massage, Indian head massage, acupressure and etc.
  • Buisness advices for Spa & Wellness from plannig to implemation.


All AROMA HERBAL's products are hand made! During the produssing are held strict control of sterility. 100% natural products, love and years experience of the highly qualified chemist and cosmetics experts. As a result of all this, the clients receive high-quality cosmetic for body, rich in natural's best ingredients. This give to the skin and body health, beauty, fresh look and of course wonderfull mood as a result of dream's come truth vision.