Бъди Егоист! Погрижи се за себе си! Бъди Егоист! Погрижи се за себе си! Бъди Егоист! Погрижи се за себе си!

Carrier oils

Coconut oil

- 100% virgin organic cold presed coconut oil, pure product recommended for dry and sensitive skin, daily moisturizing body butter after bath, urban sun protection product with natural SPF, for long-lasting tan and healthy skin during the summer, for different types of body and face massage

Almond oil

- 100% natural oil from sweet almond, rich in vitamin A, C and E, suitable for both dry and oily skin, the composition of the oil is very similar to the fatty composition of the human skin and the skin absorb it very quickly from the body, rich in linoleic and oleic acid, can be used as a product to remove your makeup, for massages for babys and kids

Sesame oil

- 100% natural sesame oil, rich in lecithin and vitamin E, increased skin elasticity, penetrate deep in the skin layers and purifies from toxins, suitable for use for all skin types, even for children, can be use as a makeup remover, it smooth the fine lines on the face and helps to clear the dark circles under the eyes

Grapeseeds oil

- 100% natural grapeseeds oil, with a very light texture, contains linoleic acid, vitamin E, C and D, a strong antioxidante, can be use as a makeup remover, retain the necessery amount of moisture in the skin and enhances the skin's natural elasticity, it has inflammatory properties make it suitable for problem and sensitive skin


Argan oil

- 100% organic cold pressed Argan oil - the liquid gold! Argan oil is great choice for luxury body treatments, for face massages and therapies, can be used as a nourishing and/or anti-aging product, for problem skin can be applied before day cream and after cleansing at the evening, strong antioxidant properties. It's recommended to use it for problem skin, skin irritation and inflammation, can be applied as a hair mask to restore and hydrate the scalp and hair roots!


Evening primrose oil

- 100% virgin evening primrose oil, heavy oil with aroma suitable as olive oil. With anti-inflammatory properties for the skin, it has good impact in cases of eczema, psoriasis and various skin allergies. It has antioxidants effect and improve the health and elasticity of the skin, it's recommended for treating areas with stretch marks, ideal for massage and nourishing dry and/or mature skin of the face and body.