Бъди Егоист! Погрижи се за себе си! Бъди Егоист! Погрижи се за себе си! Бъди Егоист! Погрижи се за себе си!

Haevenly faces

The face is a mirror of our spirit. Sedness and joy, experience and years, leave their pattern on it. It's simple when we are takeing care of it to look in the mirror and say - I love You! And then go through your days with smile and feeling of happyness. The care of fase skin depend of profesional chise of clear products. We can offer you such hight level care with our face therapies and products for home care.

Face lifting therapy

Duration: 40 min.

Price: 39.00 lv.

Revitalizing and tone the skin of the face. TheProcedure include special Japaneese technique of face lifting massage combination with a 100% natural face masks from slovenian brand (((( Aroma Herbal )))) for wonderful visible results and amazing inner tonning and balance of the skin.

We rocommend two procedures per month depending on the condition of the skin.

Over time face muscles starts to lose their shape and firmness and we see the results every morning in the mirror. We put a lot of efforts, time and care about the muscles of the body but usually forget this on the face. That's why we present you Japanese technique of lifting face massage.

What actualy happens?

Using the pressure massage technique we increase the blood and lymphatic flow in the face muscles and revives there primary statement as increasing the nutrients and improve their functionality. Better functional muscles absorb better and in depth used serums, creams and etc.

For age 35 to 45 years old we recommend twice a month treatment. For younger face - once a month will be enough to keep the face fresh and shiny. For mature skin ones a week or 10 days will be perfect to keep the tan fresh and vivid.


Cleansing therapy

Duration: 90 min.

Price: 39.00 lv.

Healing and balancing procedure for deep cleansing for greasy and problem skin.

Your face skin will be cleaned in depth, the circulation will be increased and metabolic process will be balanced, the work of the sebaceous glands will be bring to normal. The therapy is structured according to the problems of the greasy skin but we recommend it for all type of skin for deep cleansing.
Fully without any equipment, the therapy start with a gentle peeling to remove the dead skin. With a special cream the pores will be open for the manual cleaning. After we applied a mask to close the pores and nourish the skin. Therapy ends with applying nourishing and balancing face cream.


Oxigen aroma therapy

Duration: 60 min.

Price: 35.00 lv.

This therapy is designed to tones tired face skin, will regain its clarity and vitality and will compensate the lack of oxygen caused by smoking, polluted city air, closed working space with air conditioning.

The treatment will restore metabolic process in the tissues, will normalize water balance and will saturate with molecular oxygen the deepest layers of the skin.


Toning face therapy

Duration: 25 min.

Price: 29.00 lv.

A gentle touch for your face. To give to your skin freshness, good moisturizing and health. The products that we use will revitalize your skin in depth, moisturize for a long time, balance all the process on the surface and the depth levels of the skin. Nice deep cleaning followed by face mask for the needs and type of the skin and final part of applying proper serum and face cream.

We recommend one procedure every 2 weeks. You can combinate it perfectly with Lifting procedure for face.

Face skin is exposed to the most stress and external influence - wind, sun, pollution of the city air and etc. That's why it's necessary to take care for the face with long lasting and deep effect treatments. Our Toning procedure combines two important advantages - does not require a lot of time and provides to the skin restoration to the natural balance and functions in the skin which gives you long-lasting refreshing effect. After the gentle face cleansing, out therapists are applying suitable serum for your skin type and then applying a mask. This way the serum can be absorbed by the skin in depth.
The masks:
We work only with high quality cosmetic. The face masks are product of the slovenian trademark for natural cosmetic ((((AROMA HERBAL))))
Peel off mask with Swiss Apple Stem Cells - shaker mask: wonderful solution for +40 with great regenerative effect and postponing the aging process.
Smoussy foam mask with Gold dust - shaker mask: Gold is known as one of the best hydrating substances for the skin. If this is what your skin need do not hesitate to choose this mask.
Peel off mask Botox Effect: designed to work on the deep wrinkles, +50, this mask have long lasting impact 2 weeks after the treatment.
Peel off mask with Spirulina Algae: with cooling effect, to refresh your skin tone and work on the wrinkles at the same time, Spirulina algae are rich in proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids.
Peel off Argan mask with Ghassoul clay - shaker mask: perfect to treat problem skin (with acne) and for skin that need regeneration.


Годжи Бери Терапия за ЛИЦЕ

Duration: 60 мин min.

Price: 40 лв lv.

Годжи Бери терапия за зимата!

Знаете, колко внимателно се отнасяме към нуждата ви от релакс, детокс, разкрасяване и тонизиране. С новата терапия ще можем по-ефикасно да се справим с проблемите в ставите и сухожилията, с нарушената дейност и спазмите на мускулните тъкани, с болки в областта на гръбнака, както и с целулита и стриите. Много в Едно, защото нормализираме баланса между колаген и еластин, подхранваме и въстановяваме. Всички знаем за уникалното действие на Годжи бери като антиоксидант... Ползитезачовешкияторганизъмсамного. Товаеплод, койтосенареждавсписъканасуперплодовете, истинскиблагодатезаболнииуморенихора.


Няма да досаждаме с изброяването на всичките ползи. Надяваме се, че сме предизивкали вашето любопитство и най-важното – накарали да помислите повече за себе си. Точно сега, когато зимата ще ни „поизпита“, редовните масажи ще подпомогнат да се защитим, да подсилим имунитета, така че да се радаваме на снега и феерията на зимата.