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Hymen gel

After delivery, vaginal muscles of most women lose elasticity. Hymen gel is specially developed for those women!


A tightening and firming up solution to give you both that first time feeling.

Enhances the vaginal tightening and firming sensation,

Induces the female desire and pleasure,

Provides an exellant antiseptic and cleansing action,

Accelerates the healing activity.


There are three strong ingredients (+ phytoestrogens) that do all the work in HYMEN GEL. The first does the mechanical part. The other two act in synergy to ensure that HYMEN GEL is not just a lubricant gel, but a product that helps women to enjoy intercourse, by tightening their vagina.


1. Hydroxyethyl cellulose: provides thickening effect for the vagina and as the temperature increases during intercourse provides a "glue and sticky" sensation to the vagina. It is a derivative of wood. It is known for its strong thickening properties. With Hydroxyethyl cellulose we achieve the thickening effect for the vagina but without having the vagina ready to be dry because of the thickening. This is because of the chamomile properties discussed later.


2. Allantoin: Relaxes cell tissue, and aids the blood circulation around the genitals area. One of the most frequent causes of female impotence and inability to enjoy sex is bad blood circulation in the genitals area. By inducing the blood circulation in the area it helps women to feel better the penetration. Additionally, when boiled in certain degrees, it has healing properties for the skin, and anti-irritating properties. So even when the there is high frequency of intercourse the skin in the genital area in not irritated.


3. Chamomile: When boiled in certain degrees it has hydrating and antiseptic properties. High frecuency intercourse or irritation can lead to dry vagina which results in the inability of women to enjoy or even want sex. With chamomile the vagina is not staying dry during the intercourse, (although we achieve the thickening effect with Hydroxythenol cellulose). In this way we achieve great female and male satisfaction since penetration feels tighter without having a dry vagina.


4. Agnus Castus: We do not list this phytoestrogen ingredient. With Agnus Castus, we increase woman's libido.


How to use: pour 5ml and apply on the vagina lips until gel is absorbed; wait for 10-15 minutes before intimate moments for ultimate feminine feeling.


Pack 50ml - 65lv

For more information and/or orders, please contact us: cosmetics@kontur-wellness.com and/or 02/854 9559, 088/ 41 08 368


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