Бъди Егоист! Погрижи се за себе си! Бъди Егоист! Погрижи се за себе си! Бъди Егоист! Погрижи се за себе си!

Beautiful hand and feet

 According to Thai massage' traditions hands follow the heart line. We can learn a lot about ourselves and others from the size of the hands, size of the fingers, the different shape and depth of the lines on the hands. Thet's why we have to take care for our hands with the same care and attention as we do for the whole body.


Feet are our base, our main contact with the Earth! They carry a lot weight and helps us to balance between the power of the Earthly and cosmos. To give to your feet relax and freshness is one of the best way to revive your energy and re-find your inner harmony.

Reflexotherapy hands or feet / with honey

Duration: 20 min.

Price: 20.00/25.00 lv.

Each organ, gland or part of the body has reflexes areas in hands and feet.

Reflex massage balance energy flow and metabolism, activates blood circulation which provide well supply of oxigen and nutrients to the tissues and organs, increases skin elasticity and acting general strengthening.

When the massage is performedwith honey, honey enhances the release of toxins through the skin ot the feetfor complete healing and rejuvenation.


Reflexotherapy hands and feet / with honey

Duration: 40 / 50 min.

Price: 35.00 / 45.00 lv.